Trigger Point Therapy

trigger point therapy for pain relief

Are you looking for Trigger Point Therapy in Paradise, Rancho Oakey, or Spring Valley? Whether trigger points within muscles become activated by injury, overuse, inflammation, electrolyte imbalance or infection, once provoked they can cause a host of issues, including muscle weakness, restricted mobility or tenderness in the affected muscle as well as referred pain to other areas of the body.

Understanding Trigger Point Therapy

As an effective hands-on technique, trigger point therapy is designed to alleviate constricted areas of muscle tightness that are causing discomfort and referred pain. During trigger point therapy, direct pressure is systematically and repeatedly applied to specific tender spots within a muscle and then released. While patients may be aware of certain trigger points themselves, with muscle palpation by a skilled trigger point therapist, others may become apparent. Although, one treatment can significantly reduce pain, to naturally manage the pain and stress of chronic injuries receiving trigger point therapy on a regular basis can be quite helpful.

This particular kind of therapy is designed to work on the nodule directly. There is specific, controlled pressure that is applied to the trigger point. After a few seconds of pressure, it is released. During this type of massage the patient participates and communicates by identified areas of discomfort as well as having controlled, deep breathing.

By relieving the trigger points in a muscle, it is allowing the muscle knot to loosen. Patients often experience immediate relief following one treatment. Regularly scheduled trigger point therapy can give you the benefits of pain management from stress, injury, etc.

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