Independent Injury Review

Chiropractic Spring Valley NV MaxHealth Independent Injury Review

Following an accident or injury in Paradise, Rancho Oakey, or Spring Valley, it’s important to get a chiropractic assessment and care to address any tissue damage or functional impairment that can have long-term consequences. Because many accident victims sustain whiplash, musculoskeletal or soft tissue trauma as well as vertebral injuries, quality chiropractic care is essential for restoring mobility to the joints, strength to the muscles, and the body’s functional harmony.


In addition to receiving the highest quality of chiropractic care, we understand that it’s essential for injury and accident victims to get the support required to cover the costs of treatment along with the legal documentation needed to establish any functional limitations or permanent disabilities. At our office, we use the most advanced imaging and diagnostic technology to review, assess, and document injuries for insurance as well as legal purposes.

Our team at MaxHealth Center in Paradise, Rancho Oakey, or Spring Valley is here to help you recover. Call us today.